Photographer Submission Guidelines


§ Name

§ Email address

§ Website

§ Tile of the story

§ Team credit

§ Clothes credit

§ Location

§ Images Resolution-High-resolution 300 dpi

§ 4-12 images Size: single page (Portrait) is 8.5” x 11” dpi (2550 x 3300 px) Landscape: 17 x 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 x 3300 px) JPEG format and double side page (landscape)

Must be exclusive and unpublished

The story should be in numerical order in which the story is told .

All submitted material may or may not be published due to space, material editorial review and/or quality material may be featured on . We cannot guarantee publication of a submission until images are reviewed . Submissions and published work are unpaid.

Terms Of Submission

By submitting images, photographers certify that is their own original work, for which they have the copyrights and are holders of the model release, and give LUSH Magazine permission to publish it in any issue.

Photographers grant an exclusive license to use photos in the submitted form , or subject to re-sizing to fit the magazine layout. LUSH Magazine is not responsible for copyright violations or misuse by others.

If an image is used on the cover of LUSH Magazine you are granting LUSH Magazine permission to use it for promotion purposes and to put LUSH Magazine logo on it.

You understand that LUSH Magazine offers no monetary compensation.

Email: all Photography submissions