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Who is Calandria Parker she’s an Alpha female and a natural born leader with twelve {12} years of entrepreneur experience. Since 2006-Present Calandria has been a Business SCORE Mentor www.score.org. Volunteering her time and expertise to american small businesses helping them propel their business to the next level. Calandria is also the founder and owner of a new online publication { LUSH Magazines} www.lushmagazines.com

Its no surprise that she falls naturally into leadership roles;. Being a go-getter, Calandria is not well suited for repetition jobs and will easily become bored and restless if she’s not given a challenge needing constant change, in her life.

Given her ambitious nature and eagerness to tackle new challenges, Calandria does well as an entrepreneur. Generosity is a wonderful trait that Calandria the spring April 7th,1972 born women share -especially with those she are fond of, she loves nothing more than to be the hero and rescue someone in need. Calandria, alpha female a natural born leader with over 15 years of Business Ownership. From 2005-2017 Calandria served as life coach, and volunteer business mentor at SCORE (Mentor To America Small Businesses)

LUSH Magazine | Fashion | Lifestyle | Beauty

Embracing fashion within all cultures of color. What’s the meaning of LUSH, high-end the LUSHNESS of fashion and beauty. LUSH magazine is self-published and publishes its issues Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. We publish double issues. LUSH Magazine is based in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. The magazine covers local, national and international fashion designers, fashion models, plus size fashion, plus size models, and beauty trends and more. LUSH Magazine was established by its owner/founder Calandria Parker, In every issue Calandria strives to gratify readers with articles from fashion, beauty trends to the latest hairstyles and products. LUSH Magazine aims to motivate, inspire, and encourage readers to be fashionable, beautiful and explore new horizons. Calandria work hard to give each artist the best exposure they deserve. She also make sure to change along with the fashion/beauty industry to deliver the most up to date fashion/beauty trends and products. Calandria understand fashion always evolving so she’s evolving with it. You can see more of LUSH Magazine’s published work on Kavyar the world’s #1 leading platform for magazine’s https://kavyar.com/lush-magazine

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Advertising with LUSH Magazine is an investment that will build brand recognition and increase your profit. LUSH is a Fashion, Beauty , Fine Art Magazine based in Philadelphia . LUSH Mag is seeking out creators & makers . We are open to artists from all over the world . Were now available on major digital/distribution platforms such as Apple Books, Magcloud, and ISSUU

Use LUSH Magazine to reach your target audience in a meaningful way, I know customers trust magazines, magazines are the leading source of information that readers recommend by word of mouth. I know every artist wants to attract new customers as well as enhance their reputation. LUSH will run your ads in multiple issues. I Calandria is committed to providing my advertisers with premium quality.

As LUSH Magazine continues to bloom into a publication empire, Calandria is proud to provide a quality magazine directly through an impressionable experience. LUSH Magazine platform attracts upscale, audience. This offers my advertisers an exceptional opportunity to connect with a unique audience.

LUSH Magazine monthly visitors are adventurous individuals, business-savvy, wealthy, and very well educated. Mostly affluent professionals who are in search of the luxury life.

Our Goal: Is to create a credible believable and trustworthy publication for my readers.

OUR Purpose : To provide fashion sensible readership for all women/men to enjoy. At LUSH, I Calandria wants my subscribers to delight in my magazine as I bestow them with art of fashion,entertainment and beauty. Is to give advertisers a chance to share with subscribers their fashion, fashion design, shopping tips, hair, makeup techniques, and beauty products ( Which are things that my readers want


Your submission guaranteed to be published, as long as it meets our requirements. ALL photos submitted must be apart of a series. Series cannot be random images from different photo shoots. If the submission is not a fit for us, we will send an explanation as to why. Tear sheets $25 provided 1-2 weeks (Non-Refundable) All purchases are final. Payments are not refunded if you decide to cancel or not publish after purchase.

You must submit all images in JPEG format Portrait: 8.5 x 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 x 3300 px) and Landscape: 17 x 11 in, 300 dpi (1500 x 3300 px) images must be exclusive and unpublished.

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LUSH Magazine advertises and sells for affiliates including: Click on each brand logo to see more details regarding products and prices.

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LUSH Magazine is overflowing with content , arts, entertainment, travel, sports, shopping and style. It’s your guide in and around Philadelphia.

LUSH Magazine all Access subscription includes double issues print issues and digital, and unlimited access to an exclusive subscriber newsletter, and discounts on event tickets and products.

LUSH Magazine publishes double issues a year.

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