TSA-Approved Beauty Essentials from AJ Crimson Beauty, LAPCOS and more!

 If you plan on traveling during the upcoming holiday season, you want to make sure the beauty products you carry with you follow the TSA guidelines and we have put together a list of our favorite TSA-approved beauty essentials for all your travel plans!

Actsyl-3 Hair Growth Serum ($24.99)

Actsyl®-3 with Redensyl (3%) and Capixyl (2%) – is a specially formulated, quick-absorbing serum that increases hair growth, while also increasing hair thickness and strength. The powerful ingredients in Actsyl have been proven to combat the main factors causing hair thinning and loss in women, giving real results from the first application.

The ingredients in Actsyl-3 have been proven to:

·        Increase new hair growth – more new hairs

·        Reduce breakage by improving the condition of the hair sheath

·        Increase thickness

·        Improve overall scalp health

AJ Crimson Beauty Office Politics HI-Shine Lipgloss  ($22)

Who gon check you? CC’D pops in so you can show out. Lay your words bare with this marsala maroon pout or dab some on your cheek for a light contour color, or both sis–own your office.

·        Super creamy and lightweight with our plush doe-foot make application smooth and easy

·        The soothing vegan-friendly formula conditions with the help of Vitamin E

Beekeeper’s Naturals/B. Immune Throat Spray ($13.99)

Show your immune system some love with your daily dose of bee propolis. This all-star ingredient contains antioxidants and other immune-boosting compounds in every spritz.

Take four sprays of propolis once or twice daily to support your immune system. Make it a ritual. Carry it with you wherever you go. If you’re traveling, recovering, or feeling increased stress or fatigue, up your consumption to four sprays of propolis no more than five times daily.

Design Essentials Quick Curl Kit ($26.99)

Nothing beats having the curl quenching hydration of the Almond & Avocado Collection at your fingertips wherever you go. For the savvy traveler or on-the-go executive, experience our top selling curl defining kit guaranteed to make your curl styling a breeze. Proven to reduce detangling time up to 30 minutes for even the curliest hair textures – this kit is a must have for on-the-go, long lasting style.


·        Softens and smooths the hair for maximum detangling

·        Enhances curl definition and restores hair elasticity

·        Locks in moisture to prevent frizz and breakage

·        Saves up to 30 minutes detangling and styling time

·        Travel-friendly & great for all curl types (Types 2B-4C)

LAPCOS Derma Hyaluronic Mask ($17 each)

Our hydrating Hyaluronic Mask leverages this skin-loving ingredient to pull moisture deep into the skin (and keep it there), instantly smoothing the skin’s surface.

This mask harnesses hydrolyzed HA to not only fortify your moisture barrier, but also improve the appearance of aging + UV-exposed skin for an even, balanced complexion. Supercharged by natural caffeinated extracts to revive and invigorate every complexion.

Lifetherapy Mini Lotion Gift Set ($39.00)

Start your journey of scent and mood here with this best selling gift set which includes travel ready mini hydrating lotions and mini body wash & bubbling bath in all 5 of Lifetherapy’s signature fragrances:

·        Grounded: with fresh citrus, heliotrope, dry amber, calming rose, and vanilla

·        Energized: with jasmine, red orange, marsh grass, and peach skin

·        Inspired: with gardenia, pineapple leaf, sensuous musk, and palm bark

·        Loved: with bergamot, water flowers, coconut, muguet, and rose

·        Transformed: with Polynesian coconut, white orchid, warm sugar, and sandalwood.

Miss Swiss Lily Lip Gloss ($16.00) Lily is our sweetest of the bunch. A lip gloss that is forgiving, nourishing, and always thinks of the positives. The perfect light pink for a romantic day date or a stroll in the park. Lilly is natural and never has to try too hard to impress others. People gravitate towards her smile, the way she lights up a room, and her kind energy.

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