The Most Reliable Hair Straightener for All Hair Types from KOSA Professionals!

Achieving the perfect sleek look for fall can sometimes be damaging to your hair, and choosing the perfect flat iron can play a big role in the health of your hair. KOSA Professionals has you covered with the most up to date technology to not only style your hair but also care for it as well.

Please see further information below – and  let me know if you’d like any samples, high-res images or if you’re interested in any tips from the brand founder Yummie O!

KOSA Professional Elite Styler

The Kosa Elite Styler, which comes in Black and Blush, is designed to help prevent friction or breakage. The flatiron also adjusts to each consumer’s hair and gets as close to the strands as possible – allowing people to achieve straight and curly hair looks with ease.

Why we love the Elite Styler?

·        Made with Tourmaline and Ceramic Plates that help to prevent friction or breakage. They allow the heat to distribute evenly which in turn prevents heat damage

  • The Floating Plates adjusts to your hair and gets as close to your strands as possible. They also help to achieve straight and curly hair looks with ease.

·        Infrared Heat Technology allows for shiny and healthy hair

Available, available in Blush or Black

Price: $169

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