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About Us

LUSH is a new online fashion and beauty magazine based in Philadelphia. It all started with a great idea and a lot of hard work. LUSH Magazines was established by Calandria Parker. In every issue Calandria and the editor strives to gratify readers with articles from the latest fashion and beauty trends to the hottest hairstyles. LUSH Magazines aims to motivate, inspire, and encourage readers to be fashionable, beautiful and explore new horizons.We work hard to give each artist the best exposure they deserve. We also make sure to change along with the fashion/beauty industry to deliver the most up to date fashion/beauty. We understand fashion always evolving so we're evolving with it.  

What We Offer

A positive magazine with quality service and digital content. LUSH, the best destination, publication for ages 18-65 who live and love the GLAM LIFE!

What we do, we keep up with the fashion/beauty trends,we publish amazing artists,articles that grace the pages of LUSH Magazines,and always looking for new and upcoming talents.

Why Should You Read LUSH

LUSH has the lastest fashion and beauty trends that women crave.

View our fashion article "5 Style Tips From A Fashion Forward Girl From Philly " 


What We Do

We keep up with the trends, we publish amazing artists and always seeking new and upcoming talents.

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